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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Unlimited Free Full Version Game Downloads

Unlimited Free Full Version Game Downloads

Are you trying to get hold of unlimited free full version games downloads ie the latest release of PC games, demos, cheats, and even movies for download. If you do not know how, it can be a frustrating experience most of the time. I will share with you more about such websites and at the end, you can decide if you want to go along with the choice.

Go to Google and start searching for terms like “free full game downloads”, “free game downloads” or “download full games for free” and very likely, you get millions of results. Yeah, everyone knows that. And almost everyone is getting unlimited game downloads there for free. Question is whether it is Really Free?

You see, people do not realize that when they get hold of the free unlimited game downloads there, they are actually also downloading malware, ie adware and spyware onto their computers at the same time. These harmful malware can reduce your computer speeds, slowing it down to snail speed and can even corrupt your drives and allow it to be attacked by viruses. I am speaking from my own experience here.

Another problem is that downloading full games which are copyrighted and pirated software off these free sites is an infringement in copyright rules. So it is a thin line to thread.

Fortunately, other than these free game download sites, you can get full version unlimited game downloads without facing the problems I mentioned from reliable membership services. We will talk about them in my next post about unlimited game downloads.

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