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Friday, February 8, 2008

Unlimited Game Downloads – Pay or Not Pay

Are you a gaming fanatic? Do not be shy to admit if you want unlimited game downloads and are past 40 years old now. Statistics have shown that the gamers these days are not only the younger adolescent but adults as well. Even some grandpas are indulging in this form of entertainment as well. With different kinds of exciting plays and new gadgets and consoles like PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo, the interest is not expected to wane.

What exactly do you mean by unlimited game downloads? Are they safe to download? Would you be breaking the law by playing them? These are some common questions posed by online surfers who are exploring fixed fee membership sites that offer unlimited game downloads. How do they compare with those free sites?

It is possible for anyone to download the original copies of games legally without grappling with copyright issues. But this is only if you do it at authorized paid sites. You only have to pay a flat fee when you join. Subsequently, there are no extra charges and you get instant access to as many games as you please. There are both old and new ones and they make the effort to constantly update their database of millions of files. This is why people coin the term “unlimited game downloads”.

Free sites on the other hand may not be worth the effort. From our review of many, the encounters have not been the best. Most are unable to support huge file downloads. Each game, especially for those with more sophisticated CGI, takes a long time to download.

When many users congregate at the same time downloading the more popular files, you can take forever to transfer the whole file even with a high speed dial up connection. It is no fault of yours but the site. Expect interruptions and occasional hangs as well as poor quality, incomplete copies of games which simply cannot be played.

Established and professional paid membership websites for unlimited game downloads are tried and tested. Users have also feedback about the high quality of games, the support and clear instructions and tutorials they have received. People are also assured of a safe downloading environment free from PC viruses and malware, and quick file transfers.

There are also unlimited game downloads available, probably in the range of millions. From the oldest ones which were part of your childhood to the newest ones, you can find one that suits you.

Join the thousands of gamers who are digging into the huge stash of unlimited game downloads!

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